Batman Returns: The Novelization

Batman Returns: The Novelization

Sam Hamm, Craig Shaw Gardner, Daniel Waters

Language: English

Pages: 105

ISBN: 2:00130737

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Batman has vowed to rid Gotham City of the dastardly Penguin and his slinky confederate, Catwoman--but while the Caped Crusader is repulsed by his umbrella-wielding nemesis, he is also tantalized by the darkly seductive Catwoman. Movie tie-in.

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as an official, but as a husband and father.” He raised a warning finger above his head to drive home his point. “Last night’s eruption of lawlessness will never happ—” An acrobat somersaulted from behind the ravaged Christmas tree, straight for the Mayor’s wife, snatching the baby from her arms with a single fluid motion. The circus performer leapt back onto the platform, and held the baby aloft as if he were accepting an award. “I’m not one for speeches,” he remarked with a broad grin, “so

controlled the lighting of the tree was on the platform. Her body must have hit it at the end of her fall. So she had been able to do her job after all. Too bad it was the last job she would ever do. And when her dying body hit the button, did it simply light the tree? Oh, no, that would have been much too simple. Instead of lights, The Penguin had filled the tree with cages full of bats, all released at the press of that button. Very suggestive, if The Penguin did say so himself. The crowd

know that, too. It was a symbol of everything Max stood for, and, maybe, a sign of even greater things to come. The minute they stepped from the store, the news media gathered around. Flashbulbs popped in their faces, questions were shouted in their ears, TV cameras swiveled to follow their every move; all the price of fame. Max nodded pleasantly, the Mayor waved, Chip smiled, as all of Gotham gathered around. Their entourage walked across the plaza as Max spotted the Salvation Army Santa. What

‘The children regret they are unable to attend. Have a disappointing day. Batman.’ ” What? No children? It took The Penguin a moment to come to grips with this. And it would take him more than a minute to control his anger. If he could just get that Bat in the sights of his umbrella. But no, where was a hero when you wanted to kill him? Nowhere to be found! Well, The Penguin would just have to kill something else. He glared down at the monkey. The beast looked tip at him, hopping and dancing

planning this campaign for years, designing the special headgear, fitting the guns and heavy weaponry so that they could be operated by birds. But he’d gotten sidetracked by dreams of personal glory, or personalized revenge. But these dreams had depended on outside factors; people and events that The Penguin could not control. He looked out at his troops, over a hundred strong. It had taken The Penguin and the remaining members of the Red Triangle Circus Gang close to a whole day to outfit them

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