Mark Underwood

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Pages: 384


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Did you know that you are being brainwashed?

Her Majesty's Government and the almighty PharmaCham have been using illegal technology to brainwash the entire population of Greater London in an attempt to control the masses

We are here to reveal the truth.

Listen to our Broadcasts and you will see the light.

Join us in our march on PharmaCham.

The truth will set you free.


The Prophecy (Animorphs, Book 34)

The Change (Animorphs, Book 13)

Catching Fire (The Hunger Games, Book 2)

Caravan to Vaccares





















the murder you witnessed, proof that they are sanitising London and creating a world far-divorced from reality.” ! “So we’ll get everyone together over the next few days, they’ll all do their bit and we’ll be ready in plenty of time for the protest. You need to chill out a bit Helena, calm down a bit.” ! “How the fuck can I chill out at a time like this, None of my clothes fit me, we’re missing the majority of our banners and the goddamn company we’re protesting against are on your arse for

question was a huge mural that had been pasted on the side of a warehouse not two roads away from the Nexus. At the base of it, a depiction of London, but then looming up above, Dr Michael Steinberg, with his fingers in the strings controlling the city. A provocative piece that PharmaCham had whitewashed within hours of it being noticed. Graffiti experts who were members of the Listener movement had been saying that it was far too complicated to be the work of one man, but Adam here maintains it

“You can do your shoes yourself, right honey?” ! “Yeah”, she said, untying her shoelaces with all the confidence of a pro. ! Tanya walked by, ruffled Lily’s hair and stepped into the living room, where she noticed a pot of tea had been brewed and placed in the middle of the coffee table. She looked left. Nothing. She looked right. ! 154 “WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU AND WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY HOUSE?” ! That caught him off guard, and probably alerted the neighbours. Not much shouting goes on

189 who knows what they can

the note said, they carried him outside the room, and one let go of him to lock the door again. ! “Hang on, he’s…” ! Steve barely had time to realise that Jason was fully alert by the time the fist struck him across his jawline, sending his spectacles flying down the pristine white corridor along with a good glob of saliva and a few droplets of blood. A second ago this massive brute was limp, almost lifeless, and now suddenly he’d sprung into action. ! Steve was still on his feet, dazed, but

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