Day of Deliverance: A Jack Christie Adventure 2

Day of Deliverance: A Jack Christie Adventure 2

Johnny O'Brien

Language: English

Pages: 137

ISBN: 2:00093762

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The exciting second installment in the Jack Christie adventures.

Jack and Angus’s time travels are heating up again, and this time the boys must save Queen Elizabeth I from an early death. Meeting the playwright Marlowe and a young actor named William Shakespeare along the way, Jack and Angus will have to use all their bravery and skill to thwart their archenemy, Pendleshape, and his misguided notions of changing history.

The Barrow

Black Light (Bob Lee Swagger, Book 2)

The Attack (Animorphs, Book 26)

The Solution (Animorphs, Book 22)

Trouble and Treasure (Trouble and Treasure Series, Book 1)












the winter rain. Ahead, a wide bend in the river carved into the bank, forming a raised embankment of loose mud and gravel, high above the water. Angus veered towards it. “Hold on!” he shouted. In a second, they were airborne as the horse soared from the earth embankment and plunged into the icy water. The cold took Jack’s breath away. But the water only came up to their thighs and soon the horse found its footing on the bottom of the river. Angus made noises of encouragement – spurring the

victims were tied to the bars with the rope fasteners. Turning the handle and ratchet attached to the top roller would gradually increase the tension on the chains, which in turn strained the ropes, eventually dislocating the victims’ joints. The machine before them was designed to tear its victims limb from limb. The pain would be excruciating. Fanshawe howled uncontrollably. Without hesitation, the swarthy man with the scar slapped him across his face with the back of his hand. “Silence!” he

on the rack at the spot where the three Spaniards had just… disappeared. His jaw hung loosely from his gaping mouth. “Are you okay, Harry?” It was as if Fanshawe had not even heard the words. He just kept staring into space. Jack tried again, louder, “Harry – you okay? Can you free yourself and get us out of these chains?” Fanshawe blinked. He whispered, “It is a miracle. We are saved…” “Yeah. Something like that,” Angus said. “But… how…?” Poor old Fanshawe had endured complete sensory

of the standing area. The stage and standing area were ringed by two levels of roofed wooden galleries. The stage itself was given some protection by a raised balcony and large awning at the rear. Otherwise, the theatre was open to the elements. There was rubbish strewn everywhere and the whole place smelled dreadful. Fanshawe and Trinculo had hit the jackpot winning parts for themselves in the prestigious play though they had Shakespeare to thank for their good fortune. He, of course, knew

Henslowe, who had built the theatre, and was also well acquainted with the famous actor, Edward Alleyn, and the playwright, Thomas Kyd. With three actors taken ill so suddenly, Henslowe and Kyd had been desperate. The stakes could not have been higher. The date at Hampton Court in front of the queen would be the inaugural performance of his masterpiece – The Spanish Tragedy. There had only been one problem – and for this reason Angus had not stopped smiling since they had been allotted their

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