Day of the Assassins: A Jack Christie Adventure 1

Day of the Assassins: A Jack Christie Adventure 1

Johnny O'Brien

Language: English

Pages: 156

ISBN: 2:00093761

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

"Within the first suspenseful pages, readers will find an engaging historical/science fiction tale that has intrigue, danger, and a little romance. . . . From an explosive escape out of captivity to a muchanticipated scene that decides the fate of World War I, the end of the book has plenty of action." —SCHOOL LUBRARY JOURNAL

Jack Christie and his best friend, Angus, find themselves at the center of a momentous event that will shape history for decades to come. Their dilemma: Should they intervene? Their problem: Can they survive? Join Jack on a dangerous chase from the dockyards of England to the rain-sodden trenches of the First World War. Will he escape the evil authorities who believe in the mysterious VIGIL Imperative?

Lockdown (Escape from Furnace, Book 1)

The Return (Animorphs, Book 48)

!Atrevete: yo poseo un revolver!

In the Shadow of Goll (The Secrets of Droon - Book 28)





















to get Jack under control. Jack pawed his pocket instinctively for his puffer. His fingers scrabbled desperately as Gordon twisted him this way and that looking for a way to insert the syringe. But then Jack’s fingers encircled something else in his pocket. It wasn’t his inhaler. It was the lance head! In one movement, Jack whisked it from his pocket. It flashed briefly in the dull light as he lashed out and down in a violent stabbing motion. It cut through the air and into the black leather of

about the causes of the war.” He continued gloomily, “But that’s not all. That book tells you all about the war… but what I haven’t told you is that this war leads to another, even more horrific war. The Second World War, twenty years later.” The professor shook his head, “Sorry Jack… this… book, your… story. It is so incredible. I find it hard to believe…” Jack fished around in his pocket again. He’d started now, so he might as well go the whole hog. He produced the time phone and presented it

tracked by your father’s Taurus, as well as our own.” “So if the yellow bar is on in my time phone, Dad knows where I am?” “He knows when you are as well.” “So – he could…” “Yes – he could try and mount some sort of kidnap attempt.” Jack suddenly had a brainwave, “Hold on! If he’s got the codes for my time phone… then can’t we use my time phone to find out where he is?” The Rector smiled, “Good thinking, Jack. You’re a bright lad. But in that case we’d need the codes for his Taurus…”

The hole in the cellar wall had opened up onto a narrow balcony, which housed an upper section that swept completely around a small oval room. From this upper section you could reach the lower room by a spiral staircase. The lower floor was well below the level of the adjoining cellar where they had been battling with Point-of-Departure. The upper level of the library was packed with books from floor to ceiling – although it looked like there were gaps where some books were missing. In the lower

his way up to the arrow-shaped tip. He was staring intently, his nose millimetres from the object. His face flushed momentarily and a small bead of sweat slowly formed on his forehead. They had expected Pendelshape to be excited. But instead he looked increasingly… worried. “So what is it, sir?” Angus asked. “It’s the tip of a lance.” Pendelshape thrust the magnifying glass over to Jack and pointed a finger at some lettering on one edge of the arrow-shaped lance head. “I can see the letters,

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