Eagle in the Sky

Eagle in the Sky

Wilbur Smith

Language: English

Pages: 388


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

With bold characters and stirring prose, Wilbur Smith writes riveting novels filled with adventure and intrigue. In EAGLE IN THE SKY, this master storyteller tells the story of a man born to...

On land, he was a youth too handsome and too blessed—with carefree charm and enormous wealth. In the air he was something else entirely: born to fly fast and hard, to send the fastest jet fighters into towering climbs and screaming, murderous dives. In a country struggling for its survival, David Morgan found a home, a cause, a woman and a war.

South African by birth, David was born into a golden cage, and his hunger for freedom took him to the blood-soaked Holy Land and into a hellish cycle of violence that would lure him past the rules of war—and burn away his physical grace forever.

But a woman blinded in a terrorist attack could only see the beautiful David Morgan she once knew. With her, David returned home to carve out a paradise in wild Africa. And that is where he would meet his worst enemy. And this time, he had everything in the world to lose...

"Smith is without rival."
--Tulsa World

"[Wilbur Smith] puts the reader right there with details that are intimate, inspiring, horrifying…fans will be happy to know Smith hasn't lost his touch for the dramatic, exotic adventure story."
The Orlando Sentinel

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the String of Pearls. However, there was still time to help David with the illustrated publication he was compiling on the birds of prey of the bushveld, and to accompany him on the daily expeditions to different areas of Jabulani, and to plan the furnishings and the layout of the empty nursery. Conrad Berg came to her secretly to enlist her aid in his plan to have David nominated to the Board of the National Parks Committee. They discussed it in length and great detail. A seat on the Board

do not know the extent, but what we do know is that damage of that nature is irreversible. What Debra may be left with is what she has now – almost nothing.’ Ruby paused and was silent. The two men opposite him watched his face intently, leaning forward in their seats. ‘That is the dark side – if it is true, then Debra is for all practical purposes blind and will remain that way. However, there is another side to the question. It is possible that the optic nerve has suffered little damage, or

simultaneously at the departure barrier of Lod airport and hung around each other’s necks, weeping bitterly. The Brig and David stood by, stiff and awkward, trying to look as though they were not associated with the weeping trio, until the first warning broadcast gave them an excuse for a brief handshake and David took Debra’s arm and drew her gently away. They climbed the boarding ladder into the waiting Boeing without looking back. The giant aircraft took off and turned away southwards, and

tribal areas. The person who owns and runs it has been there eight years now, and I have been after him all that time, but he’s the craftiest bastard – I’m sorry, Mrs Morgan – I have ever run into.’ ‘He’s the one?’ David asked. ‘He’s the one,’ Conrad nodded. ‘Catch him, and half your worries are over.’ ‘What’s his name?’ ‘Akkers. Johan Akkers,’ Jane gave her assistance; the Old Buck was making her slightly owl-eyed, and she was having a little difficulty with her enunciation. ‘How are we

as a cautionary signal, and by the intensity of his grip she knew that he had seen something unusual and she leaned close against him so that she could hear his whispered descriptions, and with her right hand she switched on the recorder and then reached up to aim the reflector. A herd of the rare and shy nyala antelope were approaching the drinking place timidly, clinging until the last possible moment to the security of the forests. Their ears were spread, and their nostrils quivered and

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