Ethan Justice: Origins (Ethan Justice Books) (Volume 1)

Ethan Justice: Origins (Ethan Justice Books) (Volume 1)

Simon Jenner

Language: English

Pages: 246

ISBN: 1481148478

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub


In the morning, he's struggling to remember. By the evening, he's struggling to survive. John Smith's risk avoidance policy just expired!

Waking up beside the gorgeous Savannah Jones, John is shocked to learn she was for hire, and he can't pay the price - a thousand pounds or broken legs. In desperation, he turns to best friend, Mark, for the money. Only one problem - Mark has a dagger in his back.

John and Savannah are plunged into a dangerous world where wits and adrenaline are their only weapons and trust in each other their only certainty. As the body count mounts, they discover Mark wasn't the person John thought, and his terrifying invention may well end up killing thousands, John and Savannah included.

A race to recover the missing invention pits the unlikely pairing against ex-SAS psychopath, Gregory Fisher, a man who will stop at nothing and kill anyone in his way to wreak revenge against the Government who stole his livelihood.

When Smith and Jones team up, the result is explosive.

Ethan Justice: Origins is a fast-paced, action-packed, character-driven thriller, guaranteed to make you laugh out loud, cringe, cry and cheer.

This book contains a few violent scenes, a dash of sex and the odd bit of bad language, so please don't buy it if you are easily offended.

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could draw upon. What a dull life he had led. “I can feel you through your jeans,” she told him. He didn’t doubt it. With one hand she reached behind her back and in a flash her pink lace bra fell away. Suddenly, his mouth was parched, all traces of saliva gone, tongue like a thick-piled carpet. He tried to say ‘stop’ but the word got caught in the dryness of his throat and came out as raspy groan which may well have given Savannah the opposite signal to the one intended. Savannah arched her

and start to sing. “We are the champions, my friend.” The wall to my left vibrates as my neighbour beats against it. A muffled and angry voice filters through, threatening bloody violence. I raise my voice. “And we’ll keep on fighting till the end.” Heavy footsteps thud, a door opens and slams. More footsteps before the banging reappears at my flimsy door. “If you don’t shut the fuck up I’m going to break this door down and pull your tongue out your arse.” I haven’t heard that one before.

escort agency?” “I told you yesterday, I can barely remember my name.” “Don’t kid around, Smith. You know what you said about me having been a victim all my life?” “Yes, I remember.” “Well, you’re right and now I don’t feel like that person anymore.” “That’s great.” John poked a finger in Savannah’s side. “That’s for the elbow. I’ll get you back later for breaking my foot.” Savannah jumped up and leapt on John’s stomach, straddling him and sending the air rushing from his lungs. “Ooomph!

poker, are we?” “More like cryptic bullshit,” said Savannah, picking up her pile and stuffing it back into the black Barbour coat. John sighed. It was clear that she would never trust him again. “Shall we get down to business?” suggested Johnson as the two agents took their seats. “Wilson here has some information regarding your new identities.” John could feel his world tilting further towards the vertical. It would not be long before his feet could not grip the ground beneath him. “New

Earthguard agents had relocated John and Savannah to a small safe house in Hammersmith, close to the tube line. They were to stay there until Monday morning, at which time they would take up their new identities at Justice Investigations. Every five minutes or so the two up two down, cramped residence would shake on its very foundations as a train rattled by. Savannah thought all the terraced houses on the run-down street must have been built with rubber bricks. In the lounge the agents were

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