Hit List

Hit List

Chris Ryan

Language: English

Pages: 464

ISBN: 0099460149

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub


The Resistance (Animorphs, Book 47)

The Separation (Animorphs, Book 32)

The Predator (Animorphs, Book 5)

Solitary (Escape From Furnace, Book 2)

The Judas Strain (SIGMA Force, Book 4)



















Pembridge, in his turn, would do all that he could to hush up the affair for the sake of the school. But that still left a lot of mouths to be stopped: Mrs Mackay, Jean Burney, the Ripleys, the Boyd-Farquharsons, the families of the security men . . . If any one of them went to the press then there would be some very hefty deals to be brokered. And the security services, as Lark had impressed on Slater on more than one occasion, really hated to do deals of that sort. No, Slater would be made to

two men looked at him blankly. The older man stepped forward. ‘Mr Maxwell, we don’t have much time. We need answers to our questions, and we need them right away. I think you know who we are.’ ‘I haven’t the first idea who you are – and nor, for that matter, have I got any cash in this room. You’re welcome to my credit cards, though – my wallet’s in the pocket of that—’ ‘Mr Maxwell, you know who we are.’ The voice was anonymous, but unmistakably that of a born English speaker. A faint burr –

reckon, that by taking his shit rather than sorting him out I’ve made him worse. I’ve made myself at least partly responsible for the bad time he gives the next guy.’ ‘You can’t think like that,’ said Holland. ‘You’ve just got to walk away from arseholes like that and forget them. Life’s too short.’ ‘How long have you been in the bodyguarding game, Tab?’ Slater asked, beckoning to the barmaid to refill their glasses. ‘Too bloody long,’ said Holland. ‘Eight years odd.’ ‘And in all that time,

‘So when’s that going to happen?’ ‘I told the wife it’d be this year. Trouble is, the money for BGing is just too good. There’s always just one more job you can’t turn down. And then one of your kids asks for the new Man U strip and you have a conversation with the bank manager and that job turns into one more season you can’t turn down . . .’ He drained his glass and pushed it towards the Guinness tap. ‘What I’d really like, to be honest, is a good war. Nine months or so of total fucking

as well, given the scale of Pasquale’s business. ‘Why did you agree to Branca’s terms?’ asked Leon. ‘Half a million wasn’t much to pay for half your profits.’ Pasquale took a deep breath, struggled to control himself. Tears streaked his face now. ‘Branca is very chouette – very sweet – but many of her friends are not so chouette.’ ‘They’re like us?’ ‘C’est ça. They’re like you. Can I get something to put on this . . . my foot?’ ‘No,’ said Slater. ‘Bleed. I don’t like drug-dealers.’ ‘What

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