Pandora's Temple (Blaine McCracken)

Pandora's Temple (Blaine McCracken)

Jon Land

Language: English

Pages: 0

ISBN: 1522651152

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

What if Pandora's Box were real? Blaine McCracken finds himself facing this very question--and the greatest threat to mankind--in his long-awaited return.

Rogue special-operations agent McCracken has never been shy about answering the call, and this time it comes in the aftermath of a deep-water oil rig disaster that claims the life of a onetime member of his commando unit. The remnants of the rig and its missing crew lead him to the inescapable conclusion that one of the most mysterious and deadly forces in the universe is to blame: Dark matter, both a limitless source of potential energy and an unimaginably destructive weapon.

Joining forces again with his trusty sidekick, Johnny Wareagle, McCracken races to stop two deadly enemies who want the dark matter at all costs. A powerful energy magnate and the leader of a Japanese doomsday cult both seek the ultimate prize for their own nefarious reasons, and McCracken and Wareagle's mission to defeat them takes the duo on a nonstop journey across the world and thousands of years into the past where the truth lies in the ancient Pandora's Temple, built to safeguard the world's most powerful weapon.

McCracken's only hope to save the world is to find the mythical temple. Along the way, he and Wareagle find themselves up against Mexican drug gangs, killer robots, an army of professional assassins, and a legendary sea monster. The hero of nine previous best-selling thrillers, McCracken is used to the odds being stacked against him, but this time the stakes have never been higher.

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Deepwater Venture offshore oil rig, watched a deckhand lift the last bottle of alcohol-free champagne from one case and immediately dipped his hand into the next. It had been on ice until only minutes ago, but the blast-oven effects of the rig’s steel multilevel superstructure had already bled the cool from the bottles. Baffles and mounts rose from the main deck surface everywhere, fighting for space amid what looked to be a random assortment of stacked clutter when men like Basmajian knew quite

character of the chain came from its abundance of granite, which was particularly resistant to erosion, as well as weak glacial development. And somehow, in a way unknown to any but the most expert eye, Sebastian Roy had managed to erect a structure that looked formed out of that rock itself. One with nature, making for an absurd irony given his penchant for destroying it. The man named Pierce led Landsdale past a bevy of strategically posted armed guards and into the fortresslike compound.

back. This as shiploads of materials began to arrive, along with the men required to utilize them. Neither Verdes nor his workers ever encountered any of these monsters themselves, but they hardly ever left the area of the temple’s ongoing construction. Verdes’s wife gave birth to their first son the day the first stone was laid and his second three years later just as the initial column was raised into place. The ensuing years passed with Verdes living on less and less sleep, descending into a

more often than not prevailed. Thanks in large part to that, McCracken had learned long ago how to read people’s intentions and see through the masks they wore as if every day was Halloween. He didn’t know much about Katie DeMarco for sure right now, but he was as certain as he could be that she was hiding something she wasn’t about to share no matter how much or hard he prodded. The key was to hear what she didn’t say, conclusions to the truth gained by what he liked to call listening between

a huge figure burst up through the Mercedes SUV’s open sunroof. Johnny Wareagle, all seven feet of him, held M1A4 modified M-16s in either hand, clacking rounds off in two directions at once as if capable of focusing his eyes separately. Those eyes were deep-set and ice blue, his mostly jet-black ponytail whipping from side to side with each twist of his head. More missiles rained down, kicking up so much ground dirt and debris that Wareagle and the entire SUV vanished in the resulting cloud.

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