River of Lost Bears (Seekers: Return to the Wild Series, Book 3)

River of Lost Bears (Seekers: Return to the Wild Series, Book 3)

Erin Hunter

Language: English

Pages: 174


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The New York Times bestselling Seekers series from Erin Hunter continues in the third book in the Return to the Wild story arc. River of Lost Bears is filled with the high-stakes action and heart-pounding adventure that fans of Seekers and the #1 nationally bestselling Warriors series crave.

Kallik, Toklo, Lusa, and Yakone head away from the ice toward warmer territories. As they approach the mountains, Toklo is faced with an impossible choice. Though he is desperate to leave the struggles of their quest and to find his place in the world of brown bears, is he ready to leave his friends behind?

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River of Lost Bears (Seekers: Return to the Wild, Book 3)















angry roar rang through the trees. “Run, you coward!” Yakone sounded triumphant. Another wolverine raced away into the woods. Kallik turned, scanning the ground. “Have we chased them away?” Toklo’s eyes glittered beside her. “I think so.” Yakone bounded toward them. “What were they?” “Wolverines,” Toklo growled. “They don’t usually attack in packs.” Kallik’s heart lurched. “Where’s Lusa?” “Lusa!” Toklo called into the darkness. Fear flared in Kallik’s chest. “Can you see her, Toklo?”

Yakone stood still. “It’s like a glacier come to life,” he whispered. “No, it’s a waterfall!” Toklo stared, suddenly realizing that the cliffs were ringing with its roar. Rainbows rose from its spray. It was a spectacular sight, but Toklo felt disappointment drag at his belly. The river had led them to a dead end, but the water had to be coming from somewhere. The river must continue on the other side of the falls. “We’ll have to go back and climb through the forest,” he said heavily. Kallik’s

will be,” she teased. Yakone snorted and padded down to the river’s edge. With a growl, he jumped in and stood in the shallows while the water raced around his paws. “You know why the water here is in such a hurry, don’t you?” His eyes flashed, suddenly mischievous. Lusa took the bait. “No, why?” “Because it wants to get to the Melting Sea, where it can be proper water.” Toklo tore a strip from his fish. “Don’t tell me you prefer it salty!” Yakone lapped from the river. “This stuff’s got no

coyote lifted its snout and met his gaze boldly. Toklo saw confidence in its eyes, the same confidence he’d felt when facing up to Hakan. It must belong to a big pack. Toklo felt sick. They know they can win. How many were there? He stared as the coyote turned away and disappeared through the bracken. Toklo hurried toward Lusa, blood thumping in his ears. “We’ve got to free Yakone.” Trapped in the silver jaws, he’d be easy prey for the coyotes. Even if the bears stayed to protect him, they

widened. “Yakone can’t walk!” “He’s going to have to.” Toklo scanned the undergrowth, ears alert for the sound of pawsteps. We’re prey now. Toklo crouched beside Yakone and heaved his shoulder beneath the white bear. Straining, he pushed Yakone to his paws. Kallik raced to prop him up on the other side. “Okay?” Toklo turned his snout toward Yakone. The white bear’s breath was coming in gasps. “Okay,” Yakone croaked. Lusa popped up in front of Toklo. “Shouldn’t we let him rest?” “There’s no

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