Silent Assassin (Dan Morgan)

Silent Assassin (Dan Morgan)

Leo J. Maloney

Language: English

Pages: 384

ISBN: 0786029919

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

"Silent Assassin has everything a thriller reader wants." --Ben Coes, national bestselling author of The Last Refuge

"A terrifyingly thrilling story." -- Michele McPhee, author of A Mob Story

In this electrifying novel of relentless suspense, Black Ops veteran Leo J. Maloney unleashes an unthinkable conspiracy from the deepest corridors of power. . .

Silent Assassin

Code named Cobra, former CIA agent Dan Morgan is pulled in when every other option has failed. His mission: find Nikolai Novokoff, a ruthless KGB officer turned international arms dealer. Locate the weapons of mass destruction that the rogue terrorist is threatening to unleash on the world. And terminate with extreme prejudice. . .

In the world of clandestine ops, where the line between friends and enemies is constantly shifting, especially in the halls of Washington, Morgan must survive a merciless maze of deceit--and risk everything--to stop a madman.

Praise for Termination Orders

"This kind of authenticity can only come from an insider." --John Gilstrap

"Leo J. Maloney is a real-life Jason Bourne."--Josh Zwylen, Wicked Local Stoneham

"A must-read thriller of torture, assassination, and double agents, where nothing is as it seems." --Jon Renaud, author of Dereliction of Duty

"A high-powered thriller. . .tense and terrifying!" --Hank Phillippi Ryan

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suddenly Lee was feeling underdressed in his khakis, polo shirt, and puffy down jacket. “Is this really necessary?” asked Lee, motioning with his head in the direction of the bodyguard. “You’ve been dodging my calls,” he said, ignoring the question. “Busy,” said Lee. “You know how it is when you get in the zone with something. . . .” “Right. In the zone.” “But I wouldn’t want you to think I’ve been ignoring our partnership.” “I certainly hope you haven’t been prioritizing side projects over

our objectives,” he said. Lee couldn’t help furrowing his brow at this, but caught himself and resumed a neutral expression immediately. Did he know? Could he know? Or was it a harmless throwaway comment? “My priorities are with our work here. That was the deal, wasn’t it? While working with you, I work only with you.” “Yes, that was the deal. And if I recall, there was more to that deal. Do you have it?” Lee opened his briefcase, and felt the bodyguard tense as he reached into it. “Easy,” he

animals and we confirmed it in humans. In a few hours, he went from an introverted, gentle man to a beast. We had him restrained, and did our best to treat him. I won’t lie, we also collected what data we could. Tragic as it was, we weren’t going to squander the opportunity of testing the fungus’s effects on humans.” “What happened to the infected technician?” asked Bloch. “He died within a day from self-inflicted wounds.” “Suicide?” asked Bloch. “No,” said Pope. “Head trauma. From slamming

it out for you. This goes over his head,” she said. “It’s frankly above his pay grade. And yours too. Now, are you going to comply, or do I have to get the commissioner down here?” “Shit,” said Mooney, and he walked out of the interrogation room. “Hey, Padilla!” he called out. “Would you call up Foreman and find out what the hell’s going on?” “You got it,” said Padilla. “He’s just going to tell you what I’ve already explained,” said the woman. “Well, I gotta check, don’t I? Can’t let you out

down the crate very carefully. They carried it by the handles on the sides, slowly and grunting, and placed it down next to the table. “Be careful with that,” said Lubarsky, who had been watching intently. “I do not intend to die today.” Another of Novokoff’s men brought out a seamless Plexiglas cage that held five large lab rats and set it down carefully on the table. The rats, fat and white with blood-red eyes, were frantically climbing over each other, frightened by the movement and strange

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