The Andalite's Gift (Animorphs: Megamorphs, Book 1)

The Andalite's Gift (Animorphs: Megamorphs, Book 1)

K. A. Applegate

Language: English

Pages: 88

ISBN: 0590298429

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

We never should have done it. But we needed a break. You know, some time off from the superhero stuff. A chance to act like normal kids. Well -- as normal as four kids who can morph, a hawk, and an alien can be. Everything should have been cool.     

Now Rachel is missing. And there's this . . . this thing that's after us. But it's not up to me to tell the whole story. Tobias, Cassie, Marco, and Ax were there, too. Even Rachel has some info to add. So go ahead and check this out. And remember not to tell anyone what we're about to tell you. It could mean the difference between life and death . . .

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his fists melodramatically at the ceiling. "Why? Why? What does that girl have against me?" I rolled my eyes. "Here we go again." Cassie rescued me. "I need someone strong to come outside with me, help me carry in some new cages from the truck. Marco?" "Oh! My back!" Marco cried. "A sudden, shooting pain." "I'm coming, Cassie," I said. I gave Marco a shove, pushing him back on his bale of hay. "You are so pathetic." "Don't strain yourself," Marco said with a cocky grin. Outside, out of the

name. YES! It was my name! FLASH! A woman saying "Rachel, I know you don't like lima beans, eat them anyway, they're good for you." FLASH! A girl, younger than me, saying, "Rachel, Rachel, Rachel! Everything is always Rachel around here!" FLASH! A man's voice, from nowhere. "And now, next on the balance beam, Rachel . . ." YES! I remembered. I was Rachel. But who was this short girl calling me? And what was I? "Rachel? Can you hear me?" I asked. "What do you mean, who am

monsters. And a bird screamed down from high in the cave. It screamed down, wings back, hooked beak and terrible talons ready. I said to Cassie. "Yes! Yes! That's it. That's Tobias." I crashed through a flimsy fence into someone's backyard. Then crashed through it again on my way out. Open field! We were out of the houses now, and running for the cover of the woods. I remembered what had happened in the woods. I said.

can be "heard" by anyone. Closed thought-speak is like a human whispering to only one person. The Visser gave his orders in open thought-speak, so that everyone heard. That was how I knew when he'd returned. From a distance I heard, I tried to control the fear that welled up in me at his approach. I hated him. I knew I had to live on that hate and try not to let the fear overpower me. My time would come, I told myself. I would avenge

like to become human. I think he feels naked without his deadly tail. So it was just the five of us in Cassie's barn, surrounded by all the chattering, snuffling, chirping, preening (and smelly) animals in their cages. The barn is also the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. Cassie's parents are veterinarians. They use their barn to take in sick or injured wild animals. "It's just this stupid, two-day gymnastics camp I signed up for a long time ago," Rachel was saying. "It's no big deal. It's

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