The Deception, Animorphs #45

The Deception, Animorphs #45

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way to execute that order, in a few short hours, the United States and China would be engaged in a nuclear war. The beginning of a very ugly end. It was a crazy plan, one Marco undoubtedly would call insane. However, given the flurry of activity and state of high tension that pervaded the combat information center, there was some chance of its success. Two marines stood guard inside the room, in addition to those who

fighting alongside Rachel. Against seven-foot-tall Hork-Bajir, the Yeerks' shock troops.

to me. Chapter 22 That would be Rachel, tossing aside a Hork-Bajir soldier guarding the F-14D Tomcat with the ease of cat playing with a mouse. Then, another. Fwap! I eliminated the final guard. And under cover of the body of the jet, I morphed the pilot. Stepped into my pressure suit and other necessary gear. Then I climbed inside the plane using its retractable boarding ladder. Made note of my

though about that SEP plan for my wife. . . . What the . . . ?" Clop-clop. Clop-clop. I appeared from behind a row of metal lockers. I said. The male opened his mouth wide. A clear indication he was about to scream. FWAP! He slumped to the floor, unconscious. No longer a problem. The woman, however . . . "ANDALITE!" WHAM! Marco - in gorilla morph - caught her as she crumpled to the ground. he said.

neck as two fleas jumped on board. "Ready?" I said. Captain Felitti's voice was unsteady, betraying my own excitement. My own discomfort. Rachel grinned. "Let's do it." Chapter 7 We strode boldly across the airfield. "Rachel," I said softly, "that is the plane these humans are supposed to take for a test flight." "What gave it away?" she hissed. "The maintenance crew saluting us?" "An F-16D, two-seater fighter-bomber. Computer control, I believe. Are you prepared to commandeer the

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