The Decision (Animorphs, No. 18)

The Decision (Animorphs, No. 18)

Language: English

Pages: 176

ISBN: 0590494414

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Tiny things can cause big problems. Ax and the Animorphs morph into mosquitoes for another mission against the Yeerks. Before they know it, they are trapped in the unimaginable realm of Zero-space.

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I was down there underwater for several Earth weeks, until the humans came to rescue me.> the doctor asked. the T.O. asked. The captain showed no expression except a wary tightening around his main eyes. This was going to be hard. Some time ago I had managed to make contact with

fighting was intense. It would be over in a few minutes. It would be a slaughter. But Prince Jake had ordered us to stay out of it. And I would not abandon him and my human friends again. And yet, a phalanx of Taxxons was moving in to finish off the wounded Andalites who had already fallen. To my surprise, it was Cassie who said, Prince Jake demanded. Tobias answered.

slightly murky river water we saw them: two pebbly, yellow, tentacled amphibians. Psychic amphibians. As soon as we were within range of them, the Leerans knew what we were. They turned and swam away as if their lives depended on it. Prince Jake cried. They were heading for the banks of the river. Trying to get up, out of the water, beyond our reach. They didn't have water jets, just their natural Leeran bodies. We were faster, but the bank was close, closer! The water grew

creatures, though. Human hands are stronger and faster than Andalite hands. In the end, Cassie grabbed a mosquito and handed it to me. I said, and began to acquire the necessary DNA. When we had all finished Prince Jake said, "Okay. Let's go." We morphed to birds of prey to fly quickly to the hospital. With harrier eyes I saw that the human Hewlett Aldershot the Third was still in his hospital bed. But there was a major difference. There were now four large humans seated around

wondered. Rachel suggested. I said, It

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