The Experiment (Animorphs, Book 28)

The Experiment (Animorphs, Book 28)

K. A. Applegate

Language: English

Pages: 53

ISBN: 0439051215

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The Yeerks have decided to try a little experiment. They've decided that if they can develop a way to make people more "willing" to be infested, they can speed up Earth's invasion. So, the Yeerks try to invent a substance that will take away the human ability to make a decision. A substance that will eliminate free will.

Now the Animorphs and Ax are not only faced with trying to slow down the Yeerks' invasion, but they also have to try and put an end to the genetic testing on a small group of humans.

This time there's only one chance to stop the Yeerks. And if anything goes wrong, it's all over...

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fear and displays teeth. Teeth that were midway through munching one of the most delicious cookies I had ever tasted. In any form. The man reached forward with sudden speed. He snapped a collar around my neck and grabbed one of my enormous hands. No doubt the chimpanzee would have been afraid. But it was enjoying the cookie. So was the Andalite. "Okay, Pumpkin," the bearded man said. "Here we go." As he swung with the arm that held mine, I found myself responding without thought. My legs

look at exercises to trim the fat from problem areas such as thighs, upper arms, and hips.> I began to morph to harrier. Minutes later I was flying. I fly often. But I have never come to see it as normal. Walking like a human is merely tedious and annoying. But flying like a hawk is the most wonderful experience imaginable. I opened my wings, flapped them up and down, tucked my talons up beneath me, and spread my tail to increase my lift. Suddenly I was no longer tied to the ground. We flew

Visser Three murdered him. I suppose I thought that Elfangor would live forever. He was fearless. Honorable. Perfect. It was a lot for a brother to live up to because I am not any of those things. But the memory of my brother is why I look forward to the day when I destroy Visser Three. It is not simply a matter of duty. I cared very deeply for my brother. And I am not the only one who wants to destroy him and the other Yeerks who have invaded Earth. Before he died, Elfangor gave five human

skidded away beneath a cage. The human reacted strangely. He began to cry. He collapsed into the chair before the computer console, placed his face in the palms of his hands, and made sounds of crying. "He'll kill me! Of course, he was going to kill me, anyway. It was only a matter of time." <"He" being Visser Three, I assume?> I said. "Of course Visser Three," the man said bitterly. "Who else? This whole project is his idea." Rachel asked. The

Rachel said with a derisive laugh. Prince Jake said. Cassie added. I paused for a long moment, the way I had seen Victor Newman do. Whenever he does this, the TV camera zooms in on his face. <. . . what kind of animals are being tested in

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