The Extreme (Animorphs, No. 25)

The Extreme (Animorphs, No. 25)

Language: English

Pages: 146

ISBN: 0590762583

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

It's time for the Animorphs to acquire some cold-weather morphs. The Yeerks are at it again, and they're causing trouble near one of the coldest places on earth: The North Pole.


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make us feel better. But no one thought for a minute that he was just going to let us go. No, he just figured there was no hurry. Unlike us, he knew where we were. And he knew we weren't going to get far. Chapter 13 Jake said. His tiger morph was doing fairly well, I guess. Or else he was just refusing to complain. Which was fine. I'd complain for both of us. Cassie asked. " he said.

can come out after us. Let's go!> Jake said. We took off again, a staggering, miserable little gang of biological misfits. A tiger, a bear, a wolf, and a gorilla. I started giggling. Gorilla! Here in the snow. Funny. Just tired. That was the thing. Tired. I looked back up again for the Blade ship. Nothing in the sky. But the cloud above was kind of pretty. Looked like a horse. No, a unicorn. Yeah. Pretty. We ran and kept running. Along the frozen shoreline. Beneath the shadow of the gloomy

the wet fur. Tobias fluttered up and landed on Rachel's shoulder. A painful thing for Rachel, though by then she was too cold to feel the bite of the talons. The seal pup looked up, mystified but amused at the winged creature who gingerly touched him with his talon. Cassie and I propelled ourselves up out of the water and demorphed on the ice. Not a pleasant experience. My skin froze to the ice halfway between dolphin and human. I ended up leaving an inch of Marco behind. "Have I mentioned

Controller, he would (a) know an Andalite when he saw one and (b) stay far, far away. "You a common species, too?" A joke! I decided to like the guy. Besides, anyone who could be this laid-back about running into our little freak show had to be all right. "That's a lot of sealskins," Cassie said, huddling within one herself. "Yeah. A lot. Not so good, though. All those burned ones, barely worth hauling to the trading post. And anyway, they'll come off my quota. Bad." "How

swoosh, swoosh, swoosh, cross-country run. Five of them! No! Two more ahead, closing in, trying to cut us off. But two lines were converging: two Venber, six bears, with the hangar side door being the point of intersection. WHUMPF! The first Venber hit Jake headlong. Jake missed the door and slammed hard against the side of the hangar. He left a big dent in the corrugated metal. Tobias, right behind him, lunged for the Venber, roaring. The Venber swung one

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