The Familiar (Animorphs, Book 41)

The Familiar (Animorphs, Book 41)

K. A. Applegate

Language: English

Pages: 53


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Jake is just a normal kid. Well, as normal as possible considering he can morph animals, and he's in a war against parasitic aliens. But as unbelievable as it sounds, something even stranger has happened. One morning Jake wakes up, and he's twenty-five years old.   

Okay. Maybe it's a nightmare. Or maybe Jake's just lost it for a while and misplaced a few years. And there's another problem. The world Jake-the-kid went to sleep in has changed. It's ruled by the Yeerks. Jake has to find out if the other Animorphs and Ax are still around. Still somehow fighting. Or if he's really on his own. . . .

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me happy to be lying down. Don't move. Don't even open your eyes. Back to sleep. Yeah . . . go back to sleep, Jake. Then suddenly, I remembered. Panic knotted my stomach. I was back in human form! How did I demorph? Hideous red light reflected off a cool, smooth floor. It burned my eyes. Bare, seamless walls. A large room. And I was sprawled near the exit. A door frame with no door. I could go . . . I staggered to my feet, scanned the hall outside for guards. No one. This was it. My lucky

moment. I stared him down. But when he stepped through the door my heart pounded. Maybe he was a figment of my subconscious, but pain was pain. Fear was fear. Marco had a point. "Get the sauce," he bellowed, "and bring it to my table. You're right, the tacos stink." He turned and walked out. "They'll trail you," Rachel said. "At least now you know . . . who you need to lose." "But do I meet someone? I want to do this right. Who do I look for? How will I know them?" "You'll know." An

under the light of the reading lamp. Knuckles, nails, veins, bones. Alive. Real. What was this? "No! No, no, no! I'm not a scientist!"

careening toward the streets three hundred feet below. I stumbled past the blinking red lights that ran from nose to tail on every craft and bathed the docking bay and passengers in a sinister, pulsing glow. Stepped into what looked like a stripped-down Bug fighter. No weaponry or combat stations. Just a pod with seats and windows. A floating, high-tech subway car. The instant I fell onto a seat, a belt shot across my chest. Another drew tight over my legs. Before I could panic . . .

whipped the stack of flyers he was carrying behind his back. I thought I saw the letters "EF," but I wasn't sure. "What'd you do to get sent down here?" The way he said it freaked me out. Like some jury had sentenced me to a horrible fate. I was still struggling for breath. The guy shrugged and continued. "You won't last long down here. No one does." I heard the gate bang open one flight up. The sound of skittering Taxxon feet. The little guy's eyes widened. He turned and ran. I followed.

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