First Journey (Animorphs Alternamorphs (Pb))

First Journey (Animorphs Alternamorphs (Pb))

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In tiger morph, Jake springs at a Taxxon. You own this place. Marco tosses another Hork-Bajir in the air like a doll. The rest scatter. So they are afraid of something. Marco is the only one with dexterity, so he heads for the cages to unlock them. Jake is already bounding toward Cassie. You start forward to help, but a Hork-Bajir heads for you. He swipes at you with an elbow blade. You spring. You tear at his flesh, then jump away. You strike again, this time for the vulnerable fleshy part

too late. You chose . . . poorly.

and works constantly, but she also has this thing about home-baked cakes. "Emily is coming over to help, and after the party we're going to a meeting tonight," Mom tells you. "Can you baby-sit?" "Sure," you say on the way to the kitchen. Baby-sitting beats dodging aliens, you think. Not that you dodged an alien with killer blades coming out of their wrists and elbows last night. No way. It was a dream. You chomp away on cereal, but it tastes like sawdust. You keep haring Prince Elfangor's

feel. But you have work to do. You creep closer to hear what Mom is saying to her friend Emily. "I guess I should take a slice of cake to my neighbor," Mom says with a sigh. "If I don't, she'll come over and complain about the noise." Just then, you smell danger. Your heart beats even faster, and you burrow into the dirt to hide. The ground shakes. "Excuse me! This noise! Very loud!" your neighbor, Ms. Humphries, calls. A ferret is draped over her neck. The neighborhood kids call her the

growing that shouldn't be growing. You touch your ears and feel fur. You suddenly drop down on all fours and notice that you have paws instead of hands and feet. And the smell! You smell everything! Food! People! Animals! It's overwhelming at first. The other dogs cock their heads and look at you curiously. The one called Princie smells you and howls. After all, she's smelling herself. The two policemen look over. "Hey, Seidel," the taller one says. "Thought you only brought two dogs." "Must

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