The Journey (Animorphs, No. 42)

The Journey (Animorphs, No. 42)

Language: English

Pages: 160

ISBN: 0439115167

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The Helmacrons need more power to escape the earth's atmosphere, so they have returned to demand the morphing cube. When Rachel tries to destroy their ship, the tiny egomaniacs bail - right into Marco's left nostril. And the other Animorphs have to get them out before the little aliens do some real damage.

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neck was twisted at an unnatural angle, and Ax was missing half his feathers. We started to morph back to our own bodies. The Helmacrons were only a few yards away, shouting and screaming like maniacs. They didn't seem too worried about their sneezed-out friend. Ax suggested. I snapped. Jake asked.

Visser Three told us the Helmacrons are fungible. Kill one, and his mind is absorbed by the rest of the species.> Jake said. Tseeew! Tseeew! Cassie said. I said. Briefly bear and a little less horrified. Tobias stated, coming to land on the whale. "Great," Jake

filled with bluish-white liquid. The walls surrounding us were smooth - and they were squeezing together. Another trash compactor, only dollhouse-sized. Ax said. Marco said nastily. Tobias replied. I snapped. Okay, so Marco had good reason to feel the way he did. Five of his

dreaming I was on the cover of Time magazine as a half-human, half-elephant freak. Not exactly the kind of fame that makes Mom and Dad proud. At three o'clock, I morphed owl and flew back to the apartment building. Tobias and Ax reported that they hadn't seen anything. Cassie and I spent the next two hours flying in endless circles. Jake and Marco relieved us at five. I went back to my bed and my nightmares of exposure and infestation. By eight-thirty Saturday morning, I was awake and heading

the overhang, but it went way, way up, disappearing into darkness. There was no sign of the Helmacrons. No footprints to tell us which way to go. "Now what?" I asked. "Climb?" Cassie suggested. I watched as Ax completed his morph to northern harrier. As his stalk eyes withered and vanished. SLURP! His tail violently disappeared into his body like an electric cord into a vacuum. Tail feathers shot out. "Let's all get wings," I suggested. "Flying will be easier than trying to rock climb."

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