The Kill Zone

The Kill Zone

Chris Ryan

Language: English

Pages: 416

ISBN: 1444710265

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The guys in the Regiment know they face their fiercest enemies when they fight the Taliban. No-one is tougher, more deadly - or more cunning. And if they enter the Taliban's kill zone, they know just what to expect...When three deadly Stinger missiles go missing in Helmand Province, the Regiment is tasked to retrieve the weapons at all costs. SAS legend Jack Harker has a mission to lead an eight-man team into a suspected Taliban facility. He's suspicious about what the aims of the mission really are - and it's about to get noisy. Meanwhile, in Belfast, Siobhan Byrne, a highly trained surveillance operative, is infiltrating the drug crew of a former IRA commander. But are her motives professional or personal? Even she doesn't know any more. Neither Jack nor Siobhan can guess just how closely linked their operations are about to become, or just what's at stake. But as the President of the United States makes plans to visit the UK, a devastating plot unfolds.

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machinery as Pixie charged up the LTD. Jack got back on the sat phone while Red and Frankie took up positions on either side of him, pointing their weapons to the west and east. ‘Zero Alpha, this is Delta Five One. We’re in position. Over.’ A crackle. ‘Roger that.’ It was Matt Cooper, the ops officer. ‘Fast air two minutes away. We’ll have you out of there very soon, Jack.’ Jack didn’t reply. They held their position and waited for the F-16 to arrive. Silence on the radio. ‘Come on,’ Jack

Janice has other needs, you know – I can’t help thinking that she’ll find the bed a little too big without you—’ ‘Shut up!’ Kieran hissed. It was the first time he’d spoken since she had laid the photographs out in front of him. It had taken Siobhan a long time and a long lens to get them. Even when she had been snapping – a week ago, hiding out on a clifftop on the southern coast of the Republic – she had doubted that she was going to get anything worth having. And her colleagues, no doubt,

hour, could have been a day, could have been a week . . . And then he remembered the helicopter crash. Pixie, Al and Red. Jesus, Red. Jack could hardly believe he was alive. ‘What’s happened to your oxygen mask?’ A nurse was standing over him, a frown on her plain face. ‘How long have I been here?’ Jack demanded. ‘Not nearly long enough. You’ve been out cold for more than twenty-four hours and you need your oxygen mask on. Your blood count—’ ‘Look, love,’ Jack interrupted her. ‘Do me a

Siobhan. I don’t see what I can do. I’m a soldier, not a copper. Why don’t you just . . . I don’t know.’ He searched for the words. ‘Work the case.’ ‘Listen to me, Jack, OK? Just listen to me.’ Another deep breath. ‘I’ve got a tout,’ she said. ‘O’Callaghan’s nephew. One of the crew. He’s come good with a few bits of intel. One of them is that we’ve got a nark in the squad. Could be anyone, I just don’t know. And even if we didn’t have a bent cop . . .’ She faltered. ‘What?’ Jack demanded.

need to get her on the ground.’ ‘How long?’ Jack asked him. ‘Two hours, minimum.’ Time was running out. It was running out in other ways too. Khan had his device, and he had Lily. Jack thumped the side of the plane in anger and frustration. Where and when he intended to detonate his dirty bomb was anyone’s guess. Whatever happened, Jack had to get his hands on Khan. But he was a clever bastard. The world saw him as a peacemaker. A force for good. Like he had a bulletproof jacket of

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