The Lost Key (A Brit in the FBI)

The Lost Key (A Brit in the FBI)

J. T. Ellison

Language: English

Pages: 528

ISBN: 0515155802

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The second Brit in the FBI novel featuring Nicholas Drummond.

After working with Special Agents Lacey Sherlock and Dillon Savich, Nicholas Drummond has joined the FBI. Now, he and partner Mike Caine are in an eleventh-hour race to stop a madman from finding a cache of lost World War I gold—and a weapon unlike anything the world has ever seen…

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very old pages. He slid his finger beneath the cover and lifted gently. The pages inside were yellow and the words were in French. Curie’s handwriting was faded but legible. His heart pounded. With the book and the microgram of intensely amplified polonium, polonium that she’d managed to make grow stronger over time, he was ready. It was waiting for him in her lab to formulate a new kind of atom to be added to his bombs. And then he would own the world, nothing and no one could stop him. He

could use his hands. He relaxed his shoulders and stepped back with one leg, working his foot between his hands and his butt. His hands were now scissored between his legs, and he stepped back with the other leg, and his hands were in front of him. He saw a lighted keypad next to the door—the room was alarmed and that meant he had no chance of breaking out, not without alerting Havelock and the woman. He’d have to find another way. He turned then and looked around at a maritime museum, the

Mike leaned over his shoulder. “She has something of the look of her father. I really hate this, Nicholas. Louisa should be calling us with a name and her information any minute and we’ll be able to contact her. I saw a photo in his bedroom of a boy maybe about eight years old, and the girl, she looked about fourteen or fifteen, their mother between them, hugging them close.” She sighed. “I pulled the photo out of the frame, but nothing was written on the back. But I do know that no woman lives

calm, but her mind was screaming, Oh, please, no. I don’t want to jump out of this plane into the ocean. She felt the captain’s pulse. Thready, but he was alive. The skin across his face was horribly burned, red and blistered. She unbuckled his seat belt and began pulling him from the seat. “What happened? How did he get this burn?” Nicholas was adjusting instruments, turning knobs, one hand on the yoke. The plane seemed to soften. The mad shimmying and spinning lessened, and finally, finally,

retching sobs. “Your father wasn’t supposed to die. It was incompetent bungling and I regret it. He had so much knowledge, and it was a true waste, losing him.” He hit her twice more, once from each direction. “Ah, Elise, the stripes are rising, a lovely red, and there is bruising beginning over the ribs.” He leaned forward and jerked the gag from her mouth and struck her again. She yelled. It was delicious, too delicious. He had to keep himself focused, couldn’t allow himself to enjoy this the

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