The Predator (Animorphs, No. 5)

The Predator (Animorphs, No. 5)

Katherine A. Applegate

Language: English

Pages: 152

ISBN: 0590629816

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Resenting his Animorph powers, Marco prefers to watch over his widower father until he learns that his mother is still alive, and he is horrified to discover that she is the highest ranking officer in the Yeerk army.

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Yeerks." There was a sort of shallow cave in the quarry wall. Not deep at all, but it would hide us from anyone flying over. "Well," Jake said. "Let's try this out. Ax? You ready to trigger that thing?" Jake looked around at everyone. "You all ready to go into your various morphs?" We nodded. All except Ax. See, we were all going to go into morph - our strongest, deadliest morphs - in order to take care of the Yeerk crew when they came. But Ax didn't have

deal. And the wolf will be just standing there, looking like he's trying to earn a gold star for being the best little boy in school. Then there's Rachel. Very beautiful. Very leggy-blond-supermodel type. Ms. Fashion. Ms. Properly-Applied-Makeup. Ms. Has-It-All-Looks-and-Brains. Rachel is Jake's cousin, and a total babe who, unfortunately, is also totally insane. See, somehow, underneath all that perfect hair and perfect teeth, there's this lunatic Amazon warrior-queen, just fighting to get

things at Radio Shack. "Here you go," he said, peeling off three dollars. I took Ax's arm and guided him to the pickup window. "Ax, don't go off on your own, okay? We almost lost you." "Lost? I am here. Hee-yar." "Yeah, look, just stay close, okay?" I gave Jake a look. "See? It's your fault. You said, 'so far, so good.'" The Starbucks guy handed Ax a paper cup. Ax took it. He looked around to see what other people were doing. Like them, he put a lid on his cup. Then, still mimicking the

were screaming and running and dropping their bags as they caught a glimpse of the nightmare creature Ax had become. Half-human, half-Andalite. A fluid, shifting mess of half-formed features. I couldn't blame them. I felt like screaming myself. We were getting near the exit, racing past the shoe repair place. Suddenly, Ax fell forward, tangled up in his own mutating legs. He skidded down the polished marble floor. Most of the crowd had been left behind, but the mall police were still with us.

his pincer. None of us had rubber bands. Rubber bands were not a part of the lobster DNA. I saw a lobster to my left, unbanded. And another behind him. That was the three of us. There were half a dozen rubber-banded lobsters floating or just sitting. I said. Jake said. Ax commented. I said.

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