The Prophecy (Animorphs #34)

The Prophecy (Animorphs #34)

Language: English

Pages: 141

ISBN: 0439070341

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Cassie's losing her mind. But she's gaining the mind of another. Aldrea - daughter of Seerow, Andalite Prince. Aldrea's persona, her memory, and a valuable bit of information now belong to Cassie.

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!Atrevete: yo poseo un revolver!





















what I mean," Jake said. I felt Aldrea's emotional reaction. A mix of resentment, condescension, and worry. I said, annoyed at her attitude. Using my - our - mouth, Aldrea said, "I will follow Jake as though he were my prince." Did she mean it? I couldn't tell. I had the feeling Ax was about to say something snide. Jake raised his hand, cutting Ax off. "Thank you, Aldrea. It's an honor to have you on the

others jerked around, bristling, ready to fight. Aximili moved quickly to get behind Toby. He whipped his tail forward and held the blade against the young Hork-Bajir's throat. "Ax!" Jake cried. "I'll kill you, Andalite!" I cried through Cassie's mouth. "The Arn will give me a new body and I will come after you!"

the slightest little twitch. "Yes, well, an Andalite. Charming, as always." He made a grimace that might have been a smile. "Recently I intercepted a Yeerk transmission and learned to my amazement that a free Hork-Bajir colony existed on Earth. I risked everything to steal a Yeerk ship, and have traveled a great distance to find -" "Do the Yeerks know the location of the colony?" Jake interrupted. "No," Quafijinivon answered. "I found it myself. We Arn long ago developed technology to track

be hoping that I - But what about the body? What about the hands with too few fingers to be Andalite, the arms too weak and frail to be Hork-Bajir? I didn't want to believe I was dead. But I could not deny the fact that I was in a body that was not my own. A small, weak, defenseless body covered in furless brown skin. "Aldrea?" the creature called Cassie said. "Are you all right?" I realized that I wasn't just hearing her words. I was feeling bits of emotion, too. Empathy and concern and

question I had to ask, although I was terrified to hear the answer. I waited for Cassie to repeat my question. It was the young Hork-Bajir who answered. "They took him, Great-grandmother. Seerow became a Controller. He was brought to Earth as part of their army, here. He died in captivity." There was not a worse fate I could have imagined for my child. The Yeerks had made his life a living death. And I had not been there to

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