The Proposal (Animorphs, Book 35)

The Proposal (Animorphs, Book 35)

K. A. Applegate

Language: English

Pages: 56

ISBN: 2:00280573

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Marco already knows he has a few problems: the constant battle with the Yeerks; finding out his mother was infested . . . and is now Visser One. The leader of the Yeerk invasion of Earth. But things are about to get even weirder. Marco's father is thinking of getting married again.   

Meanwhile, the Animorphs and Ax have other things to worry about. It seems the Yeerks are trying harder than ever to get people into The Sharing. Now the kids have to find a way to slow down recruitment. But Marco's personal stress is causing him to morph into creatures that don't exist. Creatures the Yeerks are sure to notice . . . and attack. . . .

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half-trout, half-gorilla while we're all playing pin the tail on the Hork-Bajir, why would that be a problem?" Rachel said. "Everything turned out okay, didn't it?!" I snapped. "Besides, Rachel. You weren't exactly up front with us when you had that allergy to the crocodile morph. In fact, if I remember correctly, you lied to us about it. Said you were all better when you weren't." Rachel winced, cocked her head, and said, "Maybe I'll just let someone else yell at you." Jake turned to Ax. "Any

better. I'm sure it could help you." I stared hard at the screen. The Sharing. Yeah, it was a place for people to get together and have fun. Go to barbecues. Sing songs. But William Roger Tennant had left out a key detail. The Sharing is a front organization for the Yeerks. They use it to recruit humans. They get people to join, earn their trust, then turn them into Controllers. My best friend Jake, the leader of our group? His brother Tom joined The Sharing a while ago. He's a Controller

minutes. Are you in place?> I finished dressing and went back into the kitchen. I walked up to the salad station. "I'm gonna make sure you guys reach your destination," I mumbled. Tennant's special salad was now surrounded by at least two dozen other salads. It would be easy for a careless waiter to give Tennant the wrong one. "What?" My pal the garde-manger had heard me. "Nothing." He made a brushing-away gesture with his hands. "Shoo." "YEW! What are yew doing standing around?" Marcel. I

<"uh-huh"> or <"bummer."> By the time Tennant walked back through the gate of the compound, I felt a little better. I had not mentioned the mutant morph. Cassie said as we watched Tennant do his post jog stretches. I replied. We landed on the stone wall encircling the compound. Watched William Roger Tennant cross the courtyard and

Animorphs. We have the ability to turn into any animal we touch. It may not sound like much of a weapon, but you'd be surprised. We've done plenty to hurt the Yeerks, and we're not through yet. The Yeerks would love to get us. They'd love to make me and my friends their slaves so they could use our morphing powers to conquer the rest of the world. That's why I don't tell you my last name. And that's why I won't tell you where I live. City or state. I want to stay anonymous. Anonymous equals

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