The Separation (Animorphs #32)

The Separation (Animorphs #32)

Language: English

Pages: 176

ISBN: 0439070325

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Rachel is falling apart. Literally. Her newest morph has the ability to regenerate its limbs, but when Rachel demorphs, there's a lot more Rachel than before. Two Rachel's, to be exact.

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The Separation Animorphs #32 K.A. Applegate Table of Contents Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 - Nice Rachel Chapter 9 - Mean Rachel Chapter 10 - Nice Rachel Chapter 11 - Mean Rachel Chapter 12 - Mean Rachel Chapter 13 - Nice Rachel Chapter 14 - Mean Rachel Chapter 15 - Nice Rachel Chapter 16 - Nice Rachel Chapter 17 - Mean Rachel Chapter 18 - Mean Rachel Chapter 19 - Nice Rachel Chapter 20 - Mean Rachel Chapter 21 - Nice

was a grizzly bear! And I had the second car that had flown off the end of the truck. A Mercedes convertible. Silver metallic. Very cool. Chapter 13 - Nice Rachel "Daddy?" "Hi, honey!" I clutched the phone with one hand and Bobo Bear with the other. "Daddy?" "Of course, who else would it be? Is something the matter?" "Oh, Daddy, everything is the matter!" "That sounds serious." "It is, it is!" "Are you okay?" "Can you tell?" My dad's a TV reporter. He has very good instincts. "Tell

had fooled Cassie, either. Of course I hadn't fooled Cassie. No one fooled Cassie. I fought down the panic that welled up inside me, threatening to choke me! Had to get out! I had to get away from all this. My . . . my other half was probably already thinking of how to get rid of me. And my friends? Would they try and stop her? No. I was useless to them. Useless to the Animorphs, maybe even a danger. Suddenly school wasn't so comforting. Chapter 17 - Mean Rachel I was early to the barn.

in some morph spying on us, so you can hear this, too," he said. "Look, we have this convoy thing. Three trucks. Three directions. If we eliminate both Rachels that leaves us with five people for three trucks. Meaning that someone is on their own. I don't like that. Everyone needs backup." Ax said. He had morphed back to Andalite. I had looked away. "Even you need someone to give you some cover, Ax," Jake said. "I'm sorry, but this has 'trap' written all over it.

first thing. Had to follow them. But how? How? I didn't even know how long they'd been gone. I could have been under for minutes or hours. I slammed outside into the evening air and scanned the sky. A hawk! No, just a crow. How was I supposed to find them? The lights were on in Cassie's house. Did her parents know she was gone? No. No. Of course not. The Chee. That's how we'd done it in the past. The Chee would send one of their androids over, armed with a hologram that would perfectly

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