The Teflon Queen

The Teflon Queen

Silk White

Language: English

Pages: 250

ISBN: 0615549527

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

'Angela is a renowned assassin 'only' known by the name 'the Teflon Queen'. Her lethal grace, steady shot, and unmatched accuracy have made her the absolute best and most sought after killer in the game. But when the killer without a conscience is faced with an unknown emotion.... LOVE. Her whole perception is thrown off course and in a profession where second guessing can mean life or death ....will the queen reign supreme or be overthrown?

The Skeleton Key: A Short Story Exclusive (SIGMA Force, Book 6.5)

The Berets (Brotherhood of War, Book 5)

The King's Deception (Cotton Malone, Book 8)

Havana (Earl Swagger, Book 3)

The Familiar (Animorphs, Book 41)

Chimera: A Jim Chapel Mission





















plan on doing for money?” Capo asked knowing once you were accustomed to fast money it was no way for you to go back to making regular money. “I don’t know,” Kim said clearly frustrated. ”Oh shit!” Capo said as he grabbed the remote and turned up the T.V. he couldn’t believe his eyes. “An eye witness captured this footage on her cell phone earlier today” The reporter said as Capo and Kim watched Angela shoot up someone’s car in broad daylight. “Cops are still looking for the woman

of the stripper’s asses as he made his way over to the other side of the club. A smile appeared on Capo’s face when he walked up to the woman that sat on the couch sipping on some wine with her legs crossed. “Fuck you doing up in a spot like this?” Angela looked up with an angry look her face, guys had been trying to hit on her all night with corny lines, so she thought it was someone else trying to get in her panties, until she looked up and saw Capo standing over her. “Hey what’s up Capo?”

face. The man that stood on the other side of the door looked like he had been working out since the day he was born. “Who the fuck are you!?” The big man asked looking Capo up and down like he was ready to snap his neck. “What do you want?” Capo asked. “I asked you a question” the big man repeated in a stern voice. Capo sighed loudly as he reached for his waistband, before he got a chance to pull out his strap he heard Honey Bunz voice. “Mike, what are you doing here!?” Honey Bunz

as she gripped his head tightly and moved her buttocks in a circular motion, gyrating in his face until she felt herself releasing. Honey Bunz quickly hopped up and removed Capo’s pants. She removed his gun from his waist and sat it on the coffee table, then finished removing the rest of Capo’s clothes. A smile came to her face when she saw Capo’s equipment standing at attention. Honey Bunz grabbed Capo’s pole and slowly slipped him in her mouth, humming and moaning like an animal. Capo groaned

with Mr. Goldberg right now,” Wayne laughed. “This damn lawyer is the only one benefiting off of these murders.” Wayne’s personal body guard Tank shadowed his every move. “After I come back from Mr. Goldberg’s office I think I’m going to come back home and relax,” Wayne said as he headed outside. Outside his all black Suburban was waiting in the front like always. “Make sure you call me later,” Wayne said looking at Capo. “And remember…” “Yeah I know tone it down,” Capo said finishing

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