The Warning (Animorphs #16)

The Warning (Animorphs #16)

Language: English

Pages: 160

ISBN: 0590494309

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Jake has made an amazing discovery: a web site about the Yeerks. Should the Animorphs investigate? If they do, they might walk right into a trap. And if they don't, they'll never know if they're fighting their enemies alone. (Digest) .

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keyword "Yeerk." Like I said, it's not a word in any dictionary. But then, to my utter amazement, up popped the list of hits. There was exactly one. I clicked on the blue hypertext link. And suddenly I realized we Animorphs were not as alone as we'd thought. Chapter 2 "There's a Yeerk home page?" Marco asked incredulously. "What do they have there? JPEGs of Yeerk slugs? Links to other alien invaders' Web sites? Ads for Yahoo's alien parasites selection?" I'd gotten everyone together. Not

he sees through the windows. Inside half of us morph to fly, the others to cockroach. We spread out and keep in touch by thought-speak. Anyone finds Fenestre, he calls the others. Okay?> Rachel said as she spilled air from her wings and plummeted toward the open window. Down she went, huge wings swept back, talons up, her blazing white eagle's head up to keep her eyes focused on the window. Cassie was about twenty feet behind her, then me, then Marco and Ax. Tobias caught an

birds?> Cassie said. I said. Actually, it was worse than that. See, Rachel knew she couldn't demorph where she could be seen by Controllers. If I knew Rachel, she'd rather be trapped forever in her

fingernails remained and they became hard and big as irons. I fell forward onto all fours, a growing mass of gray, like molten steel bubbling and reforming. I felt my ears crawl up the side of my head. They elongated, then curled to form open tubes. And then, last of all, my face. My entire face simply began to stretch. Out and out and out. The bones of my face and skull grew, multiplied, thickened. It was as if some busy crew of engineers were rebuilding my face, always saying, "We need more

flesh became tender human skin. My face was flat and delicate. But my legs could handle stairs. I still heard the sounds of gunfire from upstairs. And the sad thing was, I was glad. As long as they were still shooting, it meant Tobias wasn't dead yet. Marco and Cassie were just becoming human again. They were three-foot-tall lumps of feathers and shrinking beaks and emerging skin. One wrong move and Tobias was gone. Ax might be demorphing in front of people who might be Controllers. Rachel . .

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