Visser (Animorphs)

Visser (Animorphs)

Language: English

Pages: 192

ISBN: 0439087643

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

He's the source of incredible destruction and evil throughout the galaxy. She's the leader of the Yeerk invasion of Earth...and Marco's Mother. This is their story.

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chemicals as I went. And then, at last, there it was! Just an inch away. Nothing but a last flimsy membrane between me and the brain. I reached. I stretched. I touched! Flashes of auditory memory. Had to be, it wasn't real time. No, definitely memory. Memory of human voices. Several different ones. Meaningless jabber. I wasn't near the language circuitry, yet. I spread, squeezed between skull and brain. I found deep crevices, cracks, gaps within the brain. Experimentally I reached down into

Council member's hood. But I could read the stiffening of his limbs as evidence of his reaction. The entire Council seemed to draw back. Visser Three hissed. "Never!" I cried. "I never was anything but an enemy to the Andalite race!"

mother. A Yeerk." "Okay. Granted. But she needs you. She needs you and your friends." "My friends?" "Don't play stupid, Marco. I know you. What you are. What you do. You are needed. Now. As quickly as you can. You need to be seen." "By who?" "Visser Three." Silence. "It's not a trap!" I whispered urgently. "I know. Like you said, you know me. If you wanted me dead it would be easy. You could take me, infest me, and have all of my friends within a few hours. So you need me. This is about

purpose," I said. "You can go." He nodded. "So we were just supposed to put in an appearance." "Exactly." "Interesting little war you Yeerks are carrying on. Are you sure you know who you're fighting?" I laughed. "I know everything, now." Marco seemed to echo his mother's confidence. "Don't waste your time trying to scare me, Visser One. If we ever get taken prisoner some Yeerk will have full access to

Good. They were beginning to understand: I was the boss. They were mine to dispose of as I saw fit. "There are five classes of alien," I continued. "Class One: those physically unfit for infestation - the Skrit Na being a good example because of their annoying need to phase. Class Two: those who can be infested but that suffer from serious physical drawbacks - such as the Taxxons and our own Gedds. Class Three: those that can be infested, suffer from no physical debility, but exist only in small

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